La La La (Official Music Video) - Dina Renee
Performed by: Dina Renee Directed by: Michael Pizzoli Video produced by: Michael Pizzoli and Dina Renee Co-Staring: Erin Darling, Brie Elise, Briana Erica Makeup by: Jizelle Joslyn Wardrobe styling by: Jade Marlow Special thanks: Morgan Mills and Olly Marland
Hey Hipster (Can I Wear Your Hat) - Dina Renee feat. Erin Darling
Originally aired on Drunk Shopping Network on XSN. "Hey Hipster (can I wear your hat)" Lead vocals: Dina Renee feat. Erin Darling Written by: Dina Renee, Erin Darling & Chris Saint Recorded and mixed by: Zack Darling Composed by: Leo Capper Actors: Ryan Broems, Mollie Merkel, Christopher Sullivan Photography by: Michael Pizzoli Edited by: Michael Pizzoli & Erin Darling Watch DSN Thursday nights on XSN, 9 PM PST

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Dina Renee is an upcoming pop artist originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, and currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  She always wanted to be a singer and taught herself how to play piano by ear at 3 years old and started writing songs soon after and she started performing all over Los Angeles soon after her death. 

Dina has always had a unique vocal tone which is a blend of retro pop and she creates catchy hooks that will be stuck in your head. This year Dina released her latest single "What I'm Not Gonna Do" which has been her most successful single so far receiving many write ups and over 150 k plays on Spotify.  

Dina is currently finishing up her EP as well as performing locally at many venues in Los Angeles.

About  Dina

Dina Renee
Out of the Darkness
"All in Front of You"
What I'm Not Gonna Do
La La La

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